Committees and Caucuses


In addition to their other responsibilities, Members of Congress are appointed by the Majority and Minority Leaders to serve on House committees. Committees are small groups of Members, both Democrats and Republicans, who hold committee hearings and debate legislation specific to the focus area of that committee.

A committee is usually the first stop for a bill. So, for example, if a bill is focused on relations with Israel, it will typically be debated by the committee on Foreign Affairs. If a majority of Members of that Committee vote to support the bill, it will go to the House floor, where all Representatives vote.

Congressman Jared Moskowitz serves on the Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which is the main investigative and government oversight committee in the House. As a stand-out member on this committee, Moskowitz has routinely called for bipartisan government oversight when needed. This type of oversight would include: the mishandling of classified documents, steps taken to prevent cyber-attacks, and disasters such as the East Palestine train derailment. However, to the dismay of Moskowitz, the committee has conducted no oversight and has instead focused on partisan attacks that prevent the committee from doing its job.

Congressman Jared Moskowitz also serves as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is the main committee on U.S. foreign relations and diplomacy. Moskowitz joins the House Foreign Affairs Committee ready to lead on issues related to Israel, Western Hemisphere, and supporting Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked war. He believes that we have a responsibility to help protect freedom and democracy worldwide and that the U.S.-Israel relationship and the relationships with other world powers are more critical than ever.  As a member of Congress, Jared will work with his colleagues to further strengthen our global strategic relationships.


  • Abraham Accords Caucus
  • American Canadian Economic and Security Caucus
  • House Bipartisan Task Force for Combatting Antisemitism
  • Black Maternal Health Caucus
  • Black-Jewish Caucus
  • Dads Caucus
  • Disaster Equity and Building Resilience Caucus
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Caucus, Co-Chair and Co-Founder
  • Equality Caucus
  • Everglades Caucus
  • Fix Congress Caucus
  • Flood Resilience Caucus
  • Florida Ports Caucus
  • Future Forum
  • Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Vice Chair
  • Hip Hop Caucus
  • Hockey Caucus
  • Caucus on Homelessness
  • Latino-Jewish Caucus
  • New Democrat Coalition
  • New Democrat Coalition National Security Task Force, Vice Chair
  • Popular Arts Caucus
  • Bipartisan School Safety and Security Caucus, Co-Chair and Co-Founder
  • Sneaker Caucus, Co-Chair and Co-Founder
  • Taiwan Caucus
  • UAP Caucus, Co-Chair and Co-Founder
  • Ukrainian Caucus